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Precious Paws is now offering puppy and adult dog training!

Puppy one-on-one class (for under 6 months):
$25 per 2 hour session
Puppies are dropped off for this session. Owner's return 15 minutes prior
to the end of class to review what their puppy has learned. Socialization, leash training, basic commands/obedience, playtime, intro to grooming, and free nail trims

Adult Obedience Training (for over 6 months):
$25 per one (1) hour session or $100 for 5 one (1) hour sessions (if purchased at one time)
Leash training, commands/obedience

Socialization Class:
$15 per hour
This is a great class for dogs that have insecurities being around other dogs.
We'll start them slow and make sure they are comfortable one step at a time!

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